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Richard Buckingham is a Virginia-based businessman, writer, speaker, and consultant.

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Rick is a published business author, speaker, consultant who focuses in marketing, business development and sales. Rick has had success, sometimes doubling and tripling sales  in a variety of industries that include: construction, financial services, legal, and IT.  Rick shares practical, immediately implementable strategies to improve performance and increase sales and profitability.

“Huge energy-huge ideas”



Mentoring High Schools Students

Rick has over a decade of experience alumni interviewing high school seniors applying to college and is about ready to release a high school e-book, Becoming Your Best Self: 7 Strategies for Success in High school and Beyond, Rick presents zoom classes, live events, and one on one coaching for high school students.  Among the topics Rick covers with High School Students are: High School Transformation, You and the College Process, Improving Your Writing Skills, and How Abraham Lincoln can Make You a Smarter Student.

“Mr. Buckingham’s presentation on President Lincoln was striking, not only because of his extensive knowledge of the historical figure but by the particular facts he shared about Lincoln’s life."


High school student, Middleburg, VA

Mentoring Young Business Professionals

Because young business professionals have sought Rick’s guidance on finding passion in their careers, as well as resumes reviews, cover letters, interview skills, and general career counseling, Rick offers zoom classes, live events, and one on one career coaching.  Among Rick’s most popular topics are mock interviews and finding your passion in your career.  Rick considers Young Business professionals aged 20 and up!


“I learned more in the hour together than in all the professional workshops I have ever taken.”




If you’re interested, sign up for these specific communities to receive:

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  • strategies and vocabulary words for the high school students

  • invitations for both zoom classes and live events

  • information on one-on-one coaching

  • and to pre-order both books and e-books, and all other special offers.

Consulting Businesses

Because Rick wrote a book that focused on business development, sales, and improving customer service, published by Kiplinger Customer Once, Client Forever: 12 Tools for Building Lifetime Business Relationships, and has helped a number of companies, across a range of industries, double and triple sales, Rick consults with companies and organizations in better understanding clients and client needs to increase sales, improve performance, and increase profitability. Essentially Rick’s provides step by step methodology to both gain new clients as well as gain a greater share of clients’ business.  Rick’s book has garnered the highest reader ratings on Amazon and should be republished first quarter 2022.

“Rick just sees things that others don’t.  It’s just that simple.”



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